Sunday, December 29, 2013

Start Channeling Your Characters, Fiction Writing

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  1. what i did cy for the novel im working on is i didnt so much interview my killer, i gave him paper and a pen, and i said, tell me everything in chronological order, what has happened in your life... starting from the youngest age you remember, up until this very moment. He raped and killed his stepdaughter-- the reason was, when he was 5, he was forced to watch his sister and mother get raped and killed right in front of him- His stepdaughter resembled his sister, in every way.His sister loved him very much. He was fine when his stepdaughter was younger, but once a teen, it was as if he were looking right at his sister, and it haunted him, and it began to drive him crazy, so he felt she needed to go. And because of the trauma it put on him as a young boy, he refused to ever have sex. Instead of having to explain to people, girlfriends, wife etc... he just said he was impotent. But in order to have been able to kill her, he had to rape her, and strike the memories of being forced to watch- He had to force himself to feel the anger, to pull it off- the reason he chose rape over maybe shooting her, or drowning her is he was attracted to her- They say some boys that are close to their moms, have dreams of having sex with them, and vice versa for girls and their dads- In this case, he was close with his sister, she reminded him of her, and it pissed him off that his stepdaughter was around, but his sister wasnt- I just wanted to share my creativity with you- I am not a sick person in any way, i am very close to my mom, and i have never had feelings or thoughts like that in any way- My mind just seems to create the worst case scenario for my characters- readers are sometimes like rubberneckers- the worse it seems, the more interested they are, thats all- ok, ttyl